The story
This film portays the unconventional life of Umbra in a remote time and place. Umbra thought he could take his Destiny in hand, in a most amazing manner. Pretending to be dead on a battlefield, he then roamed throughout the world in order to lose, and eventually find himself.

The filmakers
The filmakers, Pol Lemétais and Florent Ruch, are both nearing 30. After having completed their studies in an Art school in Paris, they ave been working together for several years on various artistic projects. "Umbra" is their first film.
Format : 35 mm B&W, cinemascope 2.35, Dolby SR
Type : Silent movie with music. Without dialogues or titles.

Date of production : October 2003.

Staring :
Xavier TCHILI, Louise THIERRY, Marcel MULLER, Laurence BENEZECH, Françoise SOUCARET, Nicolas WOHREL.
Script : Pol LEMETAIS & Florent RUCH
Director of photography : Costa ASMANIS & Lubomir BAKCHEV
Music & sound design : Nicolas WÖHREL
Set design : David SANCHEZ
Costumes design : Caroline de TUGNY
Editing : Pol LEMETAIS & Florent RUCH
Make-up : Mélanie VIRTHE
Grip : Tiphaine PORSAN
Produced by : Pol LEMETAIS & Florent RUCH.
Awards : Special Jury prize at the Oskariada International Film Festival in Warszawa, Poland, april 2004.

Selected at :
- 20th Week of Mediterranean Cinema - Lunel (France), march 2004
- Oskariada International Film Festival - Warszawa (Poland), april 2004
- Berlin Sehsüchte Film Festival - Potsdam (Germany), may 2004
- Dubrovnik International Film Festival (Croatia), june 2004
- Estivada Festival - Rodez (France), july 2004
- Open Air Filmfestival - Weiterstadt (Germany), august 2004
- Festival for Cinema of the Deaf - Chicago (USA), october 2004
- Festival Stygmaty - Poznan (Poland), october 2004
- Santiago International Film Festival (Chile), november 2004
- Festival Off Cinema Poznan (Poland), november 2004
- Izmir International Short Film Festival (Turkey), november 2004
- Kerala International Film Festival (India), december 2004
- Festival du Cinéma de Paris - Paris (France), January 2005


Contact :

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+33 565 999 821